Due to Adobe Flash Player being EOL, Sharp Scratch Mod no longer works in web browsers and the offline editors may no longer work. To use Sharp, please follow the instructions available here.


warning Due to Adobe Flash Player being EOL, the offline editors available here may not work or may not work with default settings.
info Instructions to use this version are available here.
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Checksums for Sharp.swfmore_vert
Checksums for Sharp.swfclose

MD5: D5E487C6AB6A76F520E852E21213ACB6
SHA1: 1A0BA3626E7063E08CA53EEF7BE4AE75BA84D2E8
SHA-256: 55F7506831542AB5FF5FDA03C140589D535BF914C4FA3F6CBB37EBB4F341CAF0
CRC32: E40BD398
CRC64: 6B54AF093901BBD8

Sharp Offline Editor (Windows)
The Sharp Offline Editor only works on Windows right now
file_download Download
Checksums for setup.exemore_vert
Checksums for setup.execlose

MD5: 2216BB0F2ECDE900CB736AB567DC40BA
SHA1: 245EC06962D95799AFA19C2ADF67292BAB9DA8F5
SHA-256: 65299AFDEC994B29DFB534A7B28F8FA4B6614B85A83C87B9EE6E04B94C8235ED
CRC32: BE3BD496
CRC64: E4B95E908AC68CBB

Sharp Offline Editor (Other OSes)
This editor works on Windows but it is recommended to be only used on Linux and Mac.
file_download Download
Sharp Bleeding Edge
Sharp Bleeding Edge is a version of the .swf that is built more often then the normal Sharp.swf
file_download Download SharpBleedingEdge.swf