Due to Adobe Flash Player being EOL, Sharp Scratch Mod no longer works in web browsers and the offline editors may no longer work. To use Sharp, please follow the instructions available here.

About Sharp

Sharp is a Scratch 2.0 mod, designed to have lots of functionalities of both Scratch and some of Snap!'s

Currently Sharp is in beta.

Contribute to Sharp

Feel free to contribute to Sharp :)
You could Report issues you found or fix it

Try Sharp

Try it out here!

Sharp's features


More useful blocks

Sharp includes more blocks, including the (()^()) (power) block and the for each block. There's more to be added!


Developer and newbie friendly

We made blocks and functions that work with devs, and we use Scratch 2.0's newbie-friendly GUIs


Open source

The code is licensed under GPL, so you can copy and distribute the program freely!